Law Day Award

Posted by Plant a Seed Ministries

President Dwight Eisenhower formally declared on February 5, 1958, that henceforth May 1st would be known as Law Day. That was followed up three years later by the Congressional adoption of a resolution, now codified at 36 USC sec. 113, which enshrined Law Day as the date to honor our country’s commitment to “equality and justice under law.”

On Tuesday, May 1, 2018, at the RJS Law Library’s new south county branch location, housed in the county’s Paula A. Lewis Branch Library, Pastor Albert Pigozzi was honored this year, along with Sean Boyle, for their contributions to the rule of law on the Treasure Coast.

Below is an excerpt from the Summer 2018 edition of the Friendly Passages publication:

“The Hon. Cynthia Cox provided an introduction to Mr. Pigozzi. Judge Cox, Circuit Court Judge, was identified as particularly suited for her role given her own ground-breaking, innovative leadership in helping to establish and nurture several criminal diversion programs, including Veterans Court, Mental Health Court, and Drug Court. Mr. Pigozzi and his wife, Laurie, were recognized for their work with Plant A Seed Ministries. Judge Cox pointed out that they “started Plant A Seed Ministries back in the early 2000’s to help those with addiction issues get their life together. It grew and (they) helped many people from the jail with nowhere to go, help the addicted and mentally ill get their lives together and have been instrumental in our criminal justice system and have put a dent in the needs of the homeless, impoverished, substance abuse and mentally ill individuals in the Circuit.” Judge Cox noted that Plant A Seed Ministries maintains as many as thirteen or so residences, with a large, structured faith-based transitional living program. She referred to the many who attribute the Pigozzi ministry to changes in their lives, which permit them to stay off of drugs or alcohol, and out of jail.”


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