Daily Warfare

Posted by Plant a Seed Ministries

Heavenly Father, You are the creator of every good and perfect gift. In you Hand is power and might. You are faithful and worthy to be praised. You made the way for my salvation through Your son, Jesus Christ. Your spirit comforts me and leads me in truth and righteousness. I bow before You in love and adoration with thanksgiving, Father Son and Holy Spirit. I give You all the glory honor and praise.

Forgive me my sins which I have committed by thought, word and deed. Set me free of all ungodly things (fear, worry, frustration, doubt, unforgiveness, doublemindedness). I surrender my all to You, Lord Jesus. Take charge of my entire life – spirit, soul and body. Cleanse me of a defiled conscience, false guilt and hardness of heart. Help me to keep my motives pure. Set a guard upon my mouth and let the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight. Enable me to share the message of salvation with Holy boldness and Divine wisdom. Grant me grace and favor.

O Righteous Father, fill leaders and lawmakers of this nation with your wisdom and guidance that will restore holiness to our land. I pray for the peace of Israel. Let the light of Christ shine upon all nations. Grant aid to those who are afflicted and starving.
Lord Jesus, heal any wounds and turn all grief and sorrow into a time of celebration. Put a song of praise in my heart. Enlighten me with revelation knowledge and wisdom concerning healing and prosperity. All that I have is Yours, so bless me to be a cheerful giver of my tithes and offerings. Help me to keep my priorities in proper perspective.

Father, I claim every victory, power and authority to use Your Sons Name. I take this authority over Satan and his fallen angels and every evil spirit (pride, lust, strife, rejection, vanity, jealousy, gluttony, anger, lying, depression, affliction, infirmity, pornography, rebellion, witchcraft, addiction, destruction…). In the name of Jesus, I renounce all involvement with occult powers and rebuke the very presence of evil within and around us. I declare void all plagues, prejudices and false doctrines connected with my life in all past, present and future generations. Send forth your Anointing that breaks the yoke to loose thee from all that binds me. Give your Angels charge over me (and my family), to protect and keep us on the right path.

Blessed Holy Spirit, bear witness with my spirit. God’s truth and will in all things, checking my spirit when anything is amiss. Let me not be led astray by emotions, or any beguiling speech and spirits. Keep free from bondage. Help me to stand firm and persevere during trials and tribulation and not be intimidated by my foes. Bless me with insight and understanding so that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. Enable me to hold fast to God’s promises. Keep me in the joy of the Lord that I may be strengthened. Bring to my remembrance to seek first the Lord instead of man and to pray about all things before making a commitment. Help me to give proper care and right teachings to those ones for whom be also in me.I am responsible. Let the mind that was in Christ Jesus be also in mine.

By faith, I cover myself and my household with the Anointing Blood of Jesus Christ as a shield against all spiritual wickedness in high places, occult oppression (mind control, transference of pain, psychic predictions, etc.) all hosts of hell and evil powers. I rejoice, O Lord, and give thanks for your protective love, mercy and grace.

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